Suzanne specializes in designing residential and corporate spaces. Her exposure to multicultural designs and styles enables her to create a unique custom look for your home or office. 

Her goal is to tie the client's personality and style into the project with thorough research and planning. Suzanne also believes in the importance of Feng Shui and its role in the home. It is her job as a designer to place objects that create positive energy and harmony. She is passionate about providing environments that enhance people’s lives.

Her work reflects the importance of design and the psychology behind it. Things like color choice and natural light affect people in different ways, and through her design process, Suzanne is able to incorporate every detail of the client's vision into each project to create a harmonious, functional finished product. 


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a personal touch

Suzanne begins the design process by getting to know her clients with a free consultation, during which the client completes a questionnaire designed to identify 'style personality.' Suzanne thoroughly researches for every project and works with her clients to ensure personal tastes are blended into the finished product. 


Suzanne works closely with a team of licensed contractors in order to create not only functional, beautiful spaces, but an ethical, high-quality finished product.


Farmhouse style

Farmhouse Style Brazilian Marble Kitchen


Den Area Farmhouse Style


Farmhouse Style Master Suite